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White Tara

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Children's Angelic Light


This workshop is designed to help children cope with a number of issues that they may face such as bullying, peer pressure, grief, starting school/high school, social skills etc.,

Children's Angelic Light is a system that attunes the individual to the blessed energies of the Angels that most closely work with and connect themselves with children. These Angel energies quite often help children with the issues that they may be experiencing in their young lives while at the same time helping them to grow and develop into well-grounded adults. A very special aspect of this attunement is that it can be passed onto children. This is unique within the field of attunements. The only small guideline that the founder does ask is that when a child is attuned to this energy that they should be at an age where they understand what is being done for them.

Cost: $75 per child

Your child will receive:


Children’s Angelic Light Cards (instead of manual)

Attunement to 13 Angels/Archangels for this system

Certificate of Achievement


For family discount - please send Marie a message on the contact form

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